Download Subway Surfers 2023 For PC game compressed from Mediafire

Download Subway Surf for PC 2023 from Mediafire with a direct link, here is the latest version of the Subway Surf game for the computer in a small size, the two-billion-downloaded Subway game via Google Play and the App Store with more than one billion downloads on each, after the success of the game on smartphones A version has been released on the PC platform, where it is now available for free download with all the features and advantages of the smartphone version.

While reading this article, it is difficult not to have previous experiences with the well-known Saboy game. This train game was the most popular during the first three years of its launch in 2012, and is still of interest to millions of players of different age groups.

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As it is known for its small download size of Subway game, which only costs the user a small amount of mobile memory, it is also here on the computer and it does not take up a lot of hard disk capacity, all Subway games have a super fast and smooth performance with the lowest hardware specifications, you will not encounter cases of interruptions During the adventures and chases that await you.

Subway Surf for PC can be downloaded and run efficiently on any Windows system, without the need to use a game acceleration program or something like that. The following paragraphs of this topic reveal to you all the small and big details that help you achieve the highest records and understand various aspects The game, read until the end.

Information about Subway game for PC:

Major currencies:

Subway depends on two main types of coins, the first category is the gold coins and it is the most prevalent compared to the second type, which is the keys, you can collect hundreds of thousands and millions of gold while walking in the playing fields, there are unlimited plentiful quantities that you find on your way, to get them you only need to pass across it.

The keys can be described as a rare currency, very few of them can be encountered between spaced intervals during very long distances of walking, the keys are used to continue playing and progress from the same point where you left after losing due to hitting an obstacle after downloading Subway game for PC Windows 7 Free, also used to buy some store items, while coins are used only to be spent on purchase.

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Renewed characters:

The boy character that appears on the cover of the game is automatically available to you as soon as you play the game Saboy on the computer, there are more than 30 other characters in the purchase store, each character has a specific purchase price or cost that must be paid in order to play through it.

A complete diversity of shapes, clothes, hair styles, skin color and more. Other than the above, it is worth mentioning that there are male players and female players in the list of characters, it is mentioned that one of them is not distinguished from the rest, the appearance in general remains the difference between them.

Wide assortment of skateboards:

You find it in a dedicated list after downloading the Subway game for PC Windows 10, and it has multiple designs and colors to mention, each vehicle has characteristics and privileges that it gives you on the playing field, you can buy huge amounts of skateboard after unlocking it, ensuring that you can return to obtaining a new vehicle After the effect of what was in your possession wears off.

To get this item you have to double-click on the screen, the benefit of these panels is that you do not lose your progress due to hitting walls, walls or obstacles in general, as you lose your vehicle only when you hit and immediately you can get a new one in the same way as mentioned above.

More about downloading Subway Surf for PC:

Cities updates:

After downloading the Subway game for the computer 2022, you notice the availability of new copies of it, which are officially launched by the developer company, these updates are far from witnessing the inclusion of more characters and vehicles, they replace the city that was in the previous version with another new city, these countries are located in separate countries Around the world, the name of the city appears during game play and in menus as well.

When the events of the Subway games take place in a particular town, they reveal to you the most important landmarks and facilities of that town, for example in France you can see the Eiffel Tower, like the rest of the cities, whether they are Arab or on different continents.

Ultra-realistic designs:

The game was traded as the train game due to the huge amount of trains that you encounter while playing, as chases take place after downloading the Subway game for the computer in the subway area, then you see large numbers of trains running forward and others running towards you, other trains are static and do not move.

After you finish downloading the Subway Surf game for PC, you will find the designs of the vehicles are not different from them in fact, as is the case in the city streets, bridges, etc., it is mentioned that the colors of the trains and walls change as well with each new city through the monthly update.

Miscellaneous help:

A large group of aids that facilitate the task of progressing further distances. During the walk in the Subway games, you find a group of gifts in different forms, the magnet attracts gold coins automatically, the 2X star icon will double your points for a specified period of time, while the shoe allows you to after downloading a game Subway for computer, the latest version, jumping to very great heights from the surface of the earth or land.

More aid is the flying parachute, once you get this item in the train game you have the ability to fly over the city for about half a minute, keeping you away from the threats and dangers of crashing into the trains below, and then walking down a path filled with hundreds of gold coins.

Game idea and gameplay:

The events of the game Subway Surf for PC revolve in constant pursuits by the policeman who seeks to catch you after the vandalism you have done in the city, specifically after spraying paint colors on many walls and walls of the city buildings, this man and the police dog continue to run after you after Download Subway game for PC Windows 8 wherever you go with the aim of arresting you and punishing you for that behavior.

While trying to escape from it you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of stationary and moving trains, in the event of a collision you are caught immediately, then you have to start again from the starting point or spend some keys to continue progressing, playing points are calculated based on the distance you traveled during the chase, there is a counter Appears on the screen reveals to you your current points.

There is no definite finish line you can reach, the chase continues endlessly, after you finish downloading the game Saboy for PC and start playing you notice that the pace of the game gradually increases until you reach the maximum possible score, make your goal each time is to smash the highest number A record that you have already achieved, compete with friends for the highest score.

Download Subway game for PC and Android

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