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Download the game God of War 3 for PC from Mediafire size 13 GB, with the game God of War 3, enjoy epic battles in the world of brutal Greek mythology, as Kratos seeks revenge on the gods who betrayed him after sitting on the throne of the God of War, forcing him to fight many battles Against a lot of monsters and strange creatures, besides solving many difficult puzzles.

God of War 3 game "God of War III" has received many very impressive developments and improvements, which made it admire and praise all fans of this type of games, and it was released by Santa Monica in 2010 on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 and finally Microsoft Windows.

Information about God of War 3 for PC

playing style:

As in previous versions of God of War, the player takes control of the character Kratos, who faces hundreds of enemies and powerful monsters from ancient Greek myths. and magical spells that make him able to face challenges.


The download of God of War 3 for the computer includes many wonderful weapons, as many new weapons have been added in the game God of War 3, as well as retaining some of the weapons that were available in previous versions, such as Athena’s swords, blades of exile and many other weapons, each of which has what It distinguishes it from others in terms of the method of use and the ability to cause damage.

There is also in the game God of War 3 Zeus' Gloves, which are huge gloves in the form of a lion's head that deal great damage against enemies, and many other special weapons, some of which are available for use at the beginning and others for the player to acquire later, this is in addition to Kratos's fighting abilities that enable him to confront enemies and overcome They have too.

Elements :

After downloading the game God of War 3 for PC, you can get many important items that give Kratos additional abilities, such as the golden fleece that allows Kratos to change the trajectory of any projectiles, there is also Icarus wings that give the player the ability to fly, in addition to Poseidon's trident that allows the player to Snorkeling and snorkeling indefinitely.

More about God of War III:

Magic :

The main character gains many magical spells as he progresses through the stages or levels after downloading God of War 3 PC, such as the magic of Athena's blades that causes a vortex of energy to damage surrounding enemies, as well as the magic of the claws of hell with which Kratos can summon the souls of his previously killed enemies to confront his new enemies.

In God of War 3, Kratos can summon many soldiers who form a large army to confront enemies with the magic of the army of Sparta, he can strike the earth causing waves of magic to harm his enemies, in addition to his ability to shock the surrounding enemies with an electric attack, and many other powerful magical spells Which can be used against enemies after downloading God of War 3 for PC from Mediafire.


You have to face hundreds of enemies after downloading God of War 3 PC each with their own unique fighting abilities such as soldiers of the undead army, soldiers of Olympus archer armed with arrows, warriors of Olympus Fiend who can fire electric magic, stone warriors of huge sizes, and illusion beasts who are a group of monsters With a lion's head, a goat's back, and a snake's tail.

Enemy bosses:

In each stage of God of War 3 you will have to fight a fierce battle against one of the giant monsters with supernatural abilities, such as Helios the sun god, Hades the god of the underworld, Hercules one of the most powerful Greek myths, and Poseidon the god of the seas and horses, who will face Kratos in the first stage from the game.

Pictures from inside the game God of War 3

Download God of War 3 for PC from Mediafire


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