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Download Iron Man 1 and 2 PC game from Media Fire size 206 MB, play the role of Iron Man and fight against a variety of super enemies and face dozens of fighter planes in unique air battles, destroy enemy military tanks and many other diverse challenges that create an exceptionally exciting atmosphere Extremely in Iron Man (video game).

The character of Iron Man has been fully embodied in Iron Man 1, many realistic playing environments have also been added along with dozens of levels of difficulty, which include many challenges that require great skill on the part of the player, especially since all enemies have abilities Supernatural.

Information on Iron Man 1 for PC:

iron Man :

He is a person named "Tony Stark" who was kidnapped by a terrorist organization during a business trip to Afghanistan with the aim of forcing him to manufacture advanced missiles for the organization, but he secretly managed to create a strong suit made of armor that made him able to escape from the grip of the terrorists.

After Tony Stark succeeded in escaping from the grip of the terrorists, he decided to dedicate his life to confronting the villains, confronting criminals in various parts of the country, as well as providing assistance of all kinds based on the supernatural abilities granted to him by the suit, which he manufactured and worked on developing to keep pace with the nature of the various challenges.

the suit :

It is a metal suit made of metals with tremendous endurance capable of protecting the wearer from explosions, gunshots, missiles and much more, but in the end it remains destructible, so the player after downloading the game Iron Man 1 must try as much as possible to avoid damage different exposures.

The suit also allows the player in Iron Man 1 to fly in the sky and engage in powerful battles against combat aircraft, as well as move from one place to another with great ease and speed, in addition to possessing a variety of advanced firearms that make the player able to kill enemies and destroy vehicles from various types.

More about downloading Iron Man 1 for PC:


The suit contains an assortment of highly destructive firearms, including a flamethrower and explosive projectiles that can reach long distances, and inescapable guided missiles that chase and shoot both stationary and moving targets, making them Iron Man's most powerful weapon ever. .


There are a huge number of levels that include different challenges. After downloading the game Iron Man 1 for PC, the player is assigned many tasks in each level, which include destroying ammunition stores, destroying enemy camps, confronting their air attacks, saving some civilian planes from falling, and many more tasks that Aim to reduce enemies' abilities in Iron Man (video game).


With the download of Iron Man 1 for PC, the player can upgrade the stamina of the suit and upgrade its weapons to deal more damage to the enemies, in addition to improving its ability to fly and other upgrades that make the player able to face dangers of various kinds, the player can also upgrade the suit using the Iron Man coin that Get them as rewards as you advance in levels.

Playing environments:

In Iron Man 1 the player faces enemies in desert areas with rugged terrain, in snowy areas filled with mountains, over seas and in the air, as well as in populated urban areas, in which combat is a great challenge for the player as he must preserve as much as possible the lives of the inhabitants who depend He has to save them from the bad guys.

Download Iron Man for PC from Mediafire

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