Top 5 anime games download for Android and iphone best games iphone & android

 Top 5 Anime Games for Android & iPhone

Android games have recently become the focus of the attention of most game developers, so we see all of them On the day of the release of a very powerful Android game that almost competed with computer and console games, in various fields Categories war games, adventure games, action games, Android games, battle royale games, and the rest Other classifications, if you are interested in the field of mobile games, and are looking for the best Android games, Welcome to the Gampech website, which offers you the best recommendations for Android games, as well as iPhone with direct links to download it without the trouble of searching for it.


The game BLANK CITY is an online fighting anime game with a size of about 1220 megabytes. The game is a RPG role-playing game that is available free for Android and iPhone devices. The game tells about an empty city, which is the translation of the literal name into the Arabic language. The city is completely empty of people and appeared in the city Strange creatures and monsters, the characters you fight with or the characters of the game are anime girls with different skills for each girl, you can play in the story mode and discover exciting story events in the form of missions that you perform at each stage, the graphics are very high and you will feel the beauty of the distinctive weapons and the amazing enthusiasm when shooting, and you will definitely like it the game

To download the game Online || 1.22GB || BLANK CITY

For Android, click here

The game is not available for iPhone now.

2 - [ Project Silver Wing ]

Project Silver Wing anime fighting games is an online game with a size of 1800 MB. The game is free for Android phones and iPhones IOS. RPG game and strong movement of the TPS style or third person perspective. The game is from a Japanese version and is currently not available except in the Japanese language, but you can save the place of the buttons at the beginning and Very strong battles will start in different stages, the game has very many characters for the girls of “anime girls games” and each character has superhuman skills and abilities, different style and weapons, and you can combine more than one character within the battle up to four characters and control them together, telling the story about the space invasion of the Earth, which Pushing humans to form a new gene that makes girls superheroes to defend the planet

☚ To download the game Online || 1800 MB || Ragnania

For Android, click here

For iPhone, click here

3 - [ Garena Speed Drifters ]

Garena Speed ​​Drifters game, an online game with a size of about 1.3 GB. The game is free for Android phones and iPhone IOS. One of the distinctive small car racing games. The game offers a group of powerful cars and beautiful anime characters inside the game. You start by choosing and customizing your car, and you can choose your character in the game and choose the pet Now you can start racing with online players enthusiastically. Enjoy racing with players around the world to win and raise your level in the game. The game and its designs are very distinctive, graphics, nitro races, and anime characters are really beautiful. The game is strong and you will definitely like it if you are a fan of racing games.

To download the game Online || 1.3 GB || Garena Speed ​​Drifters

For Android, click here

For iPhone, click here

4- [ ONE PIECE Bounty Rush ]

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is a game that emulates the famous one-piece characters, the download space is approximately 560 MB, and it is available for Android and iPhone, enjoy famous characters such as Luffy and others in the game mode of PVP RPG anime style, you can play the game online within a team of 4 people And compete with 4 other people over the network, and the game contains several maps to play, movements and different skills, and this game will certainly be a real pleasure for anime lovers, especially One Piece lovers.

To download the game Online || 650 MB || ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

For Android, click here

For iPhone, click here

5- [One Punch Man]

One Punch Man is an online game with a size of about 1000 GB. The game is free and available for Android and iPhone IOS devices. It is one of the best action games and distinctive card games in the form of anime. The game is also considered an RPG and role-playing game that starts inside the game by choosing your hero and preparing him to enter the atmosphere of fighting and battles The game also contains many modes of play, such as the story mode, which allows you to fight in the middle of the big city in the form of stages with a distinctive story, and you can also play in the style of extreme experience, as well as a battle of will and exploration, and also the game has a PVP style, the ability to gather five real players to engage in battles against Other players online The game is characterized by good graphics and distinctive content

To download the game Online || 1 GB || One Punch Man

For Android, click here

For iPhone, click here

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