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Need for Speed Underground Rivals ppsspp game by Mediafire android download

Need for Speed Underground Rivals on ppsspp emulator for Android

Compete and earn respect in Need for Speed: Underground Rivals, available only on the PlayStation Portable PSP handheld video game system. Customize and take on Japanese and American tuner cars in pursuit of complete ownership of the street racing scene. A uniquely designed racing game based on the legacy of the highly successful Underground series.

All-new tracks and environments: Compete against your rivals on 10 all-new and visually distinct tracks. Each device is specifically designed to maximize the experience on the handheld platform.

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Japanese Custom vs American Muscle Cars: Customize and compete against an array of high-performance tuner cars from Japan and America. Face these rivals and find out who is the best.

LIVE COMPETITION: Take on friends and foes in a range of new modes designed specifically for use over Wi-Fi. It is a multiplayer game where you earn respect and own the competition.

New Ways to Go Underground: Brand new game modes that take advantage of the advanced hardware features of the PSP handheld video game system and deliver a highly competitive gaming experience.

Need for Speed Underground Rivals for ppsspp.rar download for Android

Ride through the neon streets of Need for Speed™ Underground Rivals in pursuit of complete ownership of the tuner racing scene. In this first-ever title Need for Speed for the PSP® mobile entertainment system, customize and build the ultimate tuner on four rims, then take it to the world of underground street racing. With multiple tuning options, a variety of game modes, and the most popular track cars, Need for Speed Underground Rivals delivers an unparalleled tuner the palm of your hand.

Need for Speed Underground Rivals ppsspp game for Android

Need for Speed Underground Rivals on PSP is a racing game that features glossy covers and other bluish xenon headlights. The review is at least as important here as the results in the races. It is up to you to make your cage look nicer and faster, in urban environments, in search of rivals.

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Customize more than 20 different cars and race on 10 new tracks.

Eight modes including drift attack and relay rally.

Tune your ride for performance and style. Special Features

Wireless multiplayer and multiplayer modes

EA Pocket TRAX Music Visualization Player

Need for Speed Underground Rivals PPSSPP ISO PSP

Ride through the neon streets of Need for Speed™ Underground Rivals in pursuit of complete ownership of the tuner racing scene in this first-of-its-kind Need for Speed ​​PSP handheld entertainment system game for ordinary people who have never seen a tuning car in their lives, Preferring to walk alone in the woods, which is a wise decision, it is good to explain the concept of NFSU Rivals in a few words. In fact, everything is based on some kind of paganism of the motorized vehicle, a mechanical and aesthetic admiration for a purpose, which is to proudly display his creations. Everything is actually a matter of demonstrating knowledge, "artistic" tastes and love of competition. A typical course is based on choosing a plain and tacky car, like a Twingo for example, which the apprentice worker, or even a mechanic in general, will modify in order to make it stand out. The "peppy" or "athletic" side. Of course, this means adding a variety of accessories, for example, more or less high rims, spoilers arranged on the rear, at the level of the trunk, or even skirts placed between the wheels, along the passenger compartment. As a result, equipped with this metallic make-up, any car regains its youth, seeing itself ostracized as a simple decorative piece. But that would be without counting the modifiers, significantly increasing the car's performance, by working on the exhaust, the engine, or even adding a system that provides the nitro derivative for operating acceleration. A set that has revolutionized the vision of the car, dropped by a trend that can be found in many magazines, TV shows, websites and of course video games. Now that you're on "the move" let's get to the gist of it with a big boost.

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additional information :

Name: Need for Speed Underground Rivals

Game type: car racing

Game size: 200mb

Supported devices: PSP, ppsspp emu

File Format: iso psp

Download: Need for Speed Underground Rivals

Or download the original game


Installation method: Need for Speed Underground Rivals

  1. Download the game file
  2. Then decompress
  3. Move the psp file to the main memory of the phone
  4. Then go to the psp emulator and search for the iso file
  5. Then enjoy the coolest racing game for android psp

Need for Speed Underground Rivals PSP Game for Android by Mediafire

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