Compare Asus ROG Phone, Razer 2, and Blackshark gaming phones

 Smartphone companies are competing to reach the largest number of users in a market filled with powerful competitors. And while those companies are essentially aiming to proliferate and increase sales, other companies are flying out of the flock to take on a more specialized space and the difficulty of trying to please selective customers who know exactly what they're looking for. Here we're talking about gamers who spend hours scanning, scanning, and scrutinizing the rudimentary performance, screen, design, and color that inspires their addiction.

Some of these companies, like Razer and Asus, have a long history in gaming mobile computing and know exactly what's pleasing to their customers, while others like Xiaomi are just at the beginning of the road but showing intense competition. Each of those companies has a slightly different perception of game smartphones than their competitors.

From the players' point of view, we'll take these three devices to see their strengths and weaknesses, and which phone is worth having. If it's right to spend that on game devices, or just have a smartphone.


All three systems differ by almost everything except the processor chip, all with the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset for 2018. The systems have a large screen, they weigh in, they cost a little bit, and the cheapest device here is Black Share for about $550.

In this case, the ultimate system-in-class supremacy is the monitor. The Razer 2 supports a 120Hz refresh rate, and you'll see how fluid it is to use and display instantly, which is a little bit better than the 90Hz ROG phone, but not all games support High Refresh Rate, and many popular games are committed to 60 through 30Hz.

Although the Razor 2 screen has improved and brightened relative to the previous one, the brighter Asus ROG remains, significantly brighter than the Razer 2. The Black Share is a normal 60Hz refresh rate but is still good on


Every device has its different footprint, but the Asus ROG is the most creative and remarkable, especially the way the company has been digging those lines in glass, and adding that copper touch to the background is a nice addition.

Razer 2 has a static box design, and the back glass makes it look and feel magnificent compared to the previous version, yet it's more like a piece of rectangular black marble.

Xiaomi also added her own touch to the Black Shark phone, but despite the company's efforts, it has the least inspiring design and takes some time for the company to mature more.

Although all three devices are for gaming, the ROG phone is the only one with a headphone port. To be honest, all gaming devices must have a separate headphone port, especially the phones, but for some reason, the two companies decided to follow the 2018 trend of replacing the headphone port with a switch between the USB-C and 3.5mm.


Let's talk about the work environment and the comfort of using these devices, and to be realistic, the three aren't so comfortable when it comes to playing games for too long, especially the Razer 2, it's the least comfortable to use, its crisp angles leave a mark on your palm after a while.

The other two come as no more comfortable experience than the Nintendo Switch gaming machine. After all, the three devices are just plain smartphones and the company should also take this aspect into consideration to ensure a good user experience while using the phone for everyday things like surfing the web or chatting. This doesn't mean you're going to have a bad, uncomfortable experience, or you're not going to enjoy spending your time playing multiple PUBG rounds on it - we're talking about long-term use.

In our post, we will highlight three gaming smartphones launched this fall, the Asus ROG Phone, Razer 2, and Xiaomi Black Shark. These aren't the only devices on the gaming marketplace, but if you want one, we suggest putting them at the top of your list.


All three devices have LED backlights and can control color nature and pattern with a pre-existing application on the device. It may not be that exciting or new, as we've always seen laptops and keyboards and other game lights, but finally, it's gotten a place in the smartphone world, which is a little bit different than what we've seen before, and the light from mobile devices and other game peripherals is quickly fading.

But, for some reason, you'd love to light up these devices more than you'd expect, and maybe knowing that your device is different from your peers makes you feel special and unique.

The Razer and ROG lighting are the best, and the ROG logo surface is the largest and therefore the most lighting. Black Shark has lights on both sides as well, but the company seems to have exaggerated the lighting somewhat.


All three have front speakers, which is important, not only to give you a sense of the surround sound but also to avoid closing the soundbar at your leisure playing, which is the problem that most phones with speakers on the bottom have. In terms of sound quality, we can say that Rog performs better than his peers, followed by Razer and then the Black Shark comes a long way later. It's worth noting that the ROG TwinView base has 4 more speakers for a better experience.


All systems operate on the newer, more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. The ROG has one of the best chips in existence, which is meant to run faster than anyone, so you get 2.96 GHz instead of 2.8 GHz.

Performance tests on the 3D Mark Slingshot Extreme platform show a strong convergence of performance for the three systems with a ROG advantage scoring 4,722 points ahead of Razer who scored 4,611 points by a margin.

Black Shark scored 4,597 points. In practice, you don't feel any difference between the performance of the game, the three of them are really powerful, they have the same battery capacity, but Black Share is the fastest battery to consume during the game.


The three companies don't focus on the camera a lot, so none of them have a camera that can be described as awesome. We can say that the RAZER camera is the best in the group, it's sharper among them, and it can handle images in low-light environments better than ROG, but compared to Pixel and iPhone, the camera isn't even close to them.

Asus is the bravest company in the gaming world, and we've always had Asus feature-rich and unique features, so we'll talk about some of the unique features of the ROG phone that give it extra nodes. air coolant


More features mean a higher price, this is the case with ROG, a phone that's especially targeted to gamers who are eager for all those features and peripherals and willing to pay    $900 for it.

Even outside of the game, Razor 2 is great for your smartphone — it's got most of the leading smartphone specifications in the market right now. So it could be for 800 dollars.

We're used to having high standards and cheap hardware, so Black Shark is expected to be the lowest price. $600 is an acceptable price for a game phone with these specifications, plus it's a winning competitor in the company's hand

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