Bleach Heat The Soul 7 Download PPSSPP USA ISO PSP download Free

 Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP USA ISO Download

I hope you are enjoying our series of highly compressed ppsspp games? In this article, I’ll be sharing Bleach Heat the Soul ISO PPSSPP Highly Compressed Game. Bleach Heat the Soul 7 PPSSPP is a very popular ppsspp action game for android and lots of people want to get it on their phones or tablets for free. Bleach Heat the Soul is a series of 3-D cel-shaded fighting games for the PSP based on the manga and anime series Bleach by Tite Kubo. Each installment was developed by Eighting and published by SCEI Bleach Heat the Soul game is available to download and play only on . Toy Story 3 PPSSPP iso for Playstation Portable download requires ppsspp emulator to play the game offline. This Game is the English (USA) Version and is of the highest quality available.

Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP Game 
PC (Windows).

Game Information 
Name: Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP 
Category: PPSSPP, PSP 
Platform: Sony PlayStation 
Portable (PSP) File Size: 352MB 
Genre: Action, Fight 
Developer: Eighting 
Publisher: Sony Interactive 
Entertainment Mode: Offline 
Series: Bleach Heat The Soul 
Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer 
Languages: English And Others File 
Type: ISO Downloads: 108652+ 
Rating: 4.8/5 
Price: Free

Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 PSP ISO Free Download
Bleach Heat the Soul 7 is the newest installment in the “Heat the Soul” series released on September 2, 2010. The main change in this game is a 4-Players mode. Battles against giant characters have also been confirmed. New characters that have been announced are Allon (Ayon), Coyote Starrk (Los Lobos), Baraggan Luisenbarn (Arrogante), Tier Harribel (Tiburon), Yammy Largo (Ira), Ulquiorra Cifer (Segunda Etapa), Ichigo Kurosaki (Full Hollow), Muramasa, Hachigen Ushioda, Love Aikawa and Shuren (downloadable content); in all, 84 characters are playable.

Requirements To Play Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP Game
  1. Android 4.1+. 
  2. 1GB+ RAM and 2GB+ free storage. 
  3. PSSPP Gold Emulator. 
  4. ZArchiver App. 
  5. Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP ISO File.
How To Install Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP USA ISO For Android
  1. Firstly you need to download the latest PPSSPP Emulator from the given links above. 
  2. Now download the Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP ISO file from the download link is provided above. 
  3. After downloading it, extract the Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP RAR file by using Zarchiver App. 
  4. After extraction, you will see a file namely “Bleach Heat The Soul 7 ISO”. 
  5. Lastly, launch the PPSSPP Emulator application, then click on the Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PSP game icon & Enjoy.
Download Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP USA ISO

Download Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP ISO English


Download PPSSPP PSP Emulator (Android/PC)

Download PPSSPP Gold – PSP Emulator For Android


Download PPSSPP Gold For PC | Windows

Download Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP USA ISO Free
Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PPSSPP Cheats
This is the best place to get Bleach Heat The Soul 7 PSP cheats codes for a walkthrough, guide, unlockables, tricks.

_S UCJS-10110 
_G Bleach: Heat The Soul 7 [J] 

_C0 Infinite HP P1 

_L 0x60240B44 0x00000000 
_L 0x00020001 0x0000027C

 _C0 P2(CPU) HP Zero (Press Select in the battle) 

_L 0xE0030001 0x003B5DD8 
_L 0x60240B4C 0x00000004 
_L 0x00000002 0x00000274 
_L 0x1000027C 0x00000000 

_C0 Speed x1.5 

_L 0xC000101C 0x3C013FC0 
_L 0xC0001020 0xAC810314 

_C0 All Open 

_L 0x202B2014 0xFFFD2FFF 
_L 0x202B203C 0xFFFFFFFF 
_L 0x402B1FEC 0x00090001 
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000 

_C0 Disable AI 

_L 0x00241468 0x00000000 

_C0 Freeze Time 

_L 0x2024148C 0x00001519 

_C0 Encyclopedia unlocked 

_L 0x402B2040 0x00030001
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000 
_L 0x002B204C 0x0000000F

_C0 1 Hit KO 

_L 0x60240B44 0x42800000 
_L 0x00020001 0x000002D0 

_C0 Spiritual Power Maxed 

_L 0x60240B44 0x40400000 
_L 0x00020001 0x00000290 

_C0 S Rank 

_L 0x402B23B0 0x000D0001 
_L 0x00000000 0x00000000 

_C0 Total factor 

_L 0x202B2014 0xFFE00000 
_L 0x402B1FEC 0x00090001 
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000 
_L 0x402B203C 0x00070001 
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000 

_C0 Virtual ring holds an option to suppress fully open 

_L 0x002B203C 0x000000E1 

_C0 Preferences Hikaru all appear 

_L 0x402B2290 0x00080001 
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000 
_L 0x202B22B0 0x1FFFFFFF

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