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The 2021 domestic authorized One Piece 3D mobile game, the King of the Sea, is ocially launched. The game perfectly restores the animation plot that fans are familiar with. Players will go out to sea with Luy, get to know Zoro, Nami, Sanchi and other partners, and embark on great En route adventure. In the mobile game of "The King of Blood", classic popular characters in dozens of animations such as Luy, Zorro, Sanchi, and Choba are restored in the game at 1: 1, and classic animations are restored from appearance and skills. Character characteristics.The release eect of the gorgeous character skills in the game brings a powerful visual impact. The feedback eect after the opponent is injured is also very obvious. The sense of blow is full, making each battle highly . .enjoyable, which is a picture of the home host level

The latest content of the sailing route

  • Optimize team crusade gameplay, increase transmission function 
  • Optimize adventure gameplay, add battle skip function 
  • Optimize the role biographical gameplay, add one-click sweep function
  • Optimize blood warfare gameplay, add one-click sweep function 
  • Optimize the arena gameplay, add a key sweep 5 times 

Getting Started Guide for Novices Entering the game to register a name, each player's character is Luy with SR quality. You can improve the character star by surpassing. It is recommended to enter the game at the fastest speed in the early stage, and complete the prompt tasks according to the teaching prompts! Upgrade the level of the rst time to unlock the arena function. At the beginning, the arena is all NPCs. You can easily upgrade the ranking. The main purpose of the arena is to gain prestige. Prestige can be exchanged for character fragments, rened stones, secret books and other props. Very useful in character upgrades. The top hundreds of prestige stores in the prestige store also have high-level secret books and hero stones and other props. The more resources obtained in the early stage, the faster the ranking of the arena will rise and the faster the arena can be obtained. Powerful props .inside It is recommended that you can draw once in the rst 10 consecutive periods [do not smoke]. You .1 are betting your character. I believe that your character can be tried once, but you may not be able .to draw the characters you need It is recommended to brush the character fragments in the level. If you have a certain level, you .2 have the character fragments you need. You can reset the level 20 and drill once. With good luck, you can get 2-3 fragmented characters to play with the characters intimately, which can increase .the intimacy Increasing intimacy can open character biography and character breakthrough. Character skills .reach a certain level to open new character skills Some skills require pre-skills to reach a certain level before they can be opened.

Take the loot that pirates! 

One Piece is a 3D sleeper battleeld treasure plunder game set in the popular world of pirates manga one piece! Join Luy, the famous hat pirate hat and all your favorite characters from the One Piece world in 4 vs 4 real-time PVP battles to rush and plunder the treasure !of raspberry coins to win vs 4 MULTIPLAYER TREASURE LOOTING ACTION 4 Exciting capture ag-style anime pirate action 

• team of 4 players in real-time battle to plunder most treasure 2

 • Rush to grab more Perry coins to reach victory

 • Create the Ultimackate Pirate Team Battle rival teams with popular anime characters from Luy to Zulu 

• !Mix and match characters to form the strongest treasure looting team 

• !Collect character fragments during the battle to unlock more characters 

• Deep sea gameplay and UP level system Strategy to choose the character rankings (striker, defender, runner) to collect more treasures 

• Upgrade your grade level and skills through League and Solo battles 

• !Provide characters with medals to give them a battle to change attributes 

• One Piece Universe Experience A one piece manga world has been redesigned on the battleeld in beautiful 3D 

• .Battle in iconic locations of anime including seafaring paraty and the desert kingdom of Alabasta 

• Every match comes complete with elements from One Piece universe to give your team the upper 

• .hand 

If you once knew the treasure of the blue sea but wanted to protect it to remind the pirate king, you haveBattle and ght with many powers.

 Could you and the pirate team be strong enough to do that? 

Choose your pirate ghter from over 80 characters to be a 3v3 commander or in solo combat. 

Come here, challenge the navy and become the king of the blue sea Story mode, ghting the enemy to unlock a new stage. - Fight Pacista mode with Pacista to get - .a high score, and get diamonds by as much as you can defeat .right Now! Fight with your favorite pirate, avoid traps, kill enemies and earn points Blue East is generally known as the weakest of all seas. 

You will be given the role as a character Luy and his friend. You must ght to keep the experience. To be more powerful. 

To defeat the pirates in .the world of pirates Pirate Code multiplayer marine game! Equip your ship, choose a heroic hero, and join an online battle

.5v5, competing with global players 

- Cartoon Drawing Style large, well-made battle scenes 3 

- warships are ready in the dock to ght at any time 12 

- captains gathered in the cell, waiting for the summons 10 

- The status of observation and occupation both have their own characteristics Types of skills of captain and ship, which help you to victory if you distribute it skillfully 

- Join the alliance and ght with friends Complete various missions to get more rewards Join the eet to ght with the team 

- Wonderful battleelds 

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