What are the best types of domestic cats in the world pictures

There are many types of domestic cats;  Where every breed of cat has;  Character and character that sets him apart from others, and in general many people accept cats;  Because of the atmosphere this gives the home of privacy and fun, cats are easy to care for pets, and Vetwork will be with you on a special tour throughout this article to find out which are the best.  types of domestic cats in the world with photos.

1- Turkish Van Cat

The Turkish Van cat is classified as one of the most intelligent types of cats;  Besides having a graceful body, despite its relatively large size, the Turkish Van cat has white colored fur on the tail and head, and this cat is one of the water-loving cats.

2- Siamese cat

The Siamese cat has short hair, and is very popular with other domestic cats.  As he is distinguished by his social personality, which facilitates the communication process between him and the family members in which he lives;  Therefore, it is never recommended to leave this cat alone for long periods of time;  Because that would guarantee his sense of extreme sadness.

3- The American bobtail cat

The American Bobtail cat can come in many beautiful colors;  The most famous of them is the honey color, and the bobtail cat enjoys a great deal of sensitivity and delicacy, and one of the most famous features that distinguish this cat from other types of domestic cats;  Its tail is short, along with its thick fur.

4- The Shirazi cat or the Persian cat

The Persian cat or the Shirazi cat is characterized by its abundant hair with a soft texture, and it has very aesthetic eyes, along with its short feet;  Which makes it one of the most common types of domestic cats, and it is possible that this cat comes in several colors, including white, black, or dark brown, and it is classified as one of the most expensive types of cats.

5- Abyssinian cat

The origins of this cat go back to Egypt, and it has thick hair with a dark color, as well as its long ears of large size and pointed shape, and this cat requires a great deal of love, care, and pampering more than other types of domestic cats.

6 - a cat kimeric

The Kimeric cat is classified as one of the strongest types of cats, despite this that he tends to spend his time in fun, and fun, in addition to his feeling of enjoyment when his owner shares those times, and this cat has a very intelligent mentality;  Which makes him able to understand various tricks.

7-Cat Birman

The Birman cat is called;  It is called the Perma Holy Cat, and it is very beautiful;  As it has long hair with a silky texture;  Adorns his stocky body to some extent, and this cat is considered a cat with a friendly disposition, which needs a degree of tenderness on the part of its owner.

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