Download Silent Hill: Origins for psp devices and ppsspp emulator android

Silent Hill orgin, which means the silent plateau, is considered one of the most famous and best horror games in the world. A movie adapted from the events of the game’s story has been directed and the film has achieved great success in European cinema. The events of the game revolve around a person who took a street called Silent Hill, a shortcut to him, and when he was driving, the spirit of a young girl appears in front of him, and he tries to pursue her and finds himself in front of a burning house from which a girl screams. Upon entering the house in an attempt to save her, he found that the girl had been burned as a sacrifice in one of the religious rites of one of the extremist religious sects. Travis tries to take the girl out and take her to the nearest hospital to save her life, but unfortunately, he suddenly loses consciousness upon leaving the house and suddenly finds himself in a strange city, so he tries to search again for the girl to check on her. Travis later discovers that the townspeople describe the girl as a witch and accuse her of being a source of misfortune and destruction for them. The hatred of the girl and the pain she suffered when she was burned alive unleashed a terrifying evil force. The game is really fabulous and very terrifying, I recommend that you download it, it is really worth downloading.

  • Silent Hill: Origins is one of the most powerful Android and psp games so far

  • It has been developed to run on EMULATOR PSP emulator for Android

  • High-speed, wireless multiplayer battles featuring the strongest monsters

  • Seven modes of the game, including a storyboard game

  • Each stage in the story is different from the others and the variants in the forms of monsters are more powerful

To download the iso game via the following link

To download emulateur ppsspp

Download the RAR app to decompress files on Android

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