Best Swimming and sport smartwatch Ever It's what you need for a pool

 The best swimming watches for tracking distance, arm stroke strength, and swimmer's fitness.

Currently, fitness trackers and smart watches may be classified as a kind of daily tool, but there are very few dedicated swimming fitness trackers available in the market, however this group of swimming watches exist and work efficiently and are characterized by good design and durability and all you need only Knowing where to sell them in the market.

Although there aren't many fitness trackers that just specialize in swimming workouts, swim tracking built into its range of activities and smart watches is one of its many features, and that's the case for all the products on the following list.

Each of the following devices will record your body data during your swimming training, but designs and prices vary according to the features the product offers and the materials it is made of.

Apple Watch 5:

The best iPhone smartwatch is ideal for swimmers.

Watch Weight: 30.1 - 47.9g | Battery Life: Up to 18 Hours | Waterproof rating: up to a depth of 5 meters.


Automatic detection of arm strikes strength.

Smooth transition between different sports.


It is very expensive if it is used to track swimming exercises only.

Only suitable for non-professional swimmers.

With each latest release, Apple Watch becomes a more serious fitness tracker, and along with updated heart rate tracking skills, the combination of Apple Watch 5 and watchOS 6 has improved performance in swimming. The Watch 5 is specially designed for swimming in both the pool and open water spaces such as the Apple Watch 4, and features automatic detection of arm strokes, automatic combinations and detailed turning movements that you can travel up to 25m, 50m and 100m in the Workout app.

You can also use third-party swim tracking apps if you feel that you are not getting enough features from Apple devices, and it also has a handy little feature to get water out of the speaker, just turn the Digital Crown and it will provide powerful sound. It's also a good idea to see the continuously operating screen, which is a great swimming tool, but we think there are better options for more serious swimmers who train in the pool every day.

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

A bold new name with some new features.

Watch Weight: 49 - 63g | Battery life: 3-4 days Waterproof rating: up to 5 meters.


Four days of amazing battery life.

Great basic program.

Special wireless charger.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great all-in-one fitness tracker and swimming is one of the activities that can be tracked thanks to it being waterproof and rated 5 ATM. You can customize the information within the swim tracking screen, including the exercise end point, the data you want to display while swimming, the pool length (25m is the default) and the number of times the orientation is needed. This model is similar to a lot of similar smart watches, as it disables touch sensitivity, so you need to use the buttons on the side of the watch to control it while swimming, and like Apple Watch 4, you can press the button to reactivate the touch screen and a little sound to drain the speaker from water.

Once you've finished swimming training, the data is broken down to some extent so that you can see the fastest time you took the bath, the duration of it, the calories consumed, the pace of movement, the heart rate and a lot more data all assuming you have selected the correct length of the pool. The watch may not be as advanced as some trackers designed to track only swimming sport, but for non-professional swimmers it is a solid choice.

Fitbit Versa 2

A lightweight smartwatch that fits your workouts.

Watch weight: 38g | Battery life: more than 4 days Waterproof rating: up to 5 meters.



Its tracking system is easy to understand.


It does not have a GPS system.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is packed with many fitness features and allows you to track training in a really intuitive and direct way.

Thanks to a water resistance of 5 meters, the Versa 2 can track swimming training, the number of laps and meters in the pool, as well as the time spent. The watch precisely tracks your laps in the pool, recognizing the actual time when you reach the other side and start the next lap. The Versa 2 provides clear and concise information on the illuminated underwater display, and it provides enough data for non-professional swimmers. You can dig deeper by opening the Fitbit app, but it does not have GPS, so you cannot track your path when swimming In open water.

Garmin Forerunner 935

The most powerful multi-sport sport watch to date.

Weight: 49g | Battery life: Up to 24 hours on GPS | Waterproof rating: up to 5 meters.


Advanced training ideas.

One-button switch from one sport to another during pentathlon races.



Very detailed for casual swimmers.

    This triple watch combines the intelligence of custom swimming training tracking with sports training features and comprehensive performance. This makes it the best choice for amateur athletes who practice more than one sport at the same time, such as jogging, cycling and swimming. The watch has pool activity profiles and open water swimming, and you can also design your own workout plan, or download sessions via Garmin Connect - in addition to checking your SWOLF Sport Score - to get an idea of ​​your athletic swimming ability.

    In the water The Forerunner 935 automatically detects armstroke type plus lengths, distance, speed and number of strokes, and also offers time and distance alerts, a useful countdown start feature, advanced comfort timings and open water swimming gauges. The best function is the option to enter the exercises manually, this means that you can also record all the hard work you do that does not depend on the arm strokes alone, for example kick and one arm workouts.

    Once the sessions are finished, the Training Status feature helps you determine whether you're optimizing or overstating by evaluating your workout history and up-to-date performance indicators, making this great for monitoring training, performance, and post-workout recovery. There's no wrist heart rate in the water but you can pair the Forerunner 935 with an HRM-Tri or HRM-Swim to monitor your heart rate for additional insights.

    Moov Now

    Best option for swimming fitness tracker at an economical price.

    Weight: 6g | Battery life: 200 sessions | Waterproof rating: up to 3 meters.

    Like many other devices on this list, Moov Now does more than just monitor your workouts in the pool. This ultra-lightweight compact tracker fits on a comfortable, soft silicone strap that you wear on your wrist and uses built-in sensors to track laps, distance, time, speed, swimming style, and arm strokes. Also, Moov splits session data into individual laps where you can see how many arm strokes you took, how long it took, turn times and body rotations to change direction, any breaks or pauses you took, and the type of arm stroke you were swimming in.

    With attention to details like these, the Moov Now tracker comes close to being one of the most superior products on the list; However, there are some major flaws in it. First, you have to start the training session from your phone, and in most cases this means doing it in the locker room where you can leave your smartphone safe and dry again in the locker.

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