Dragon Ball Z TTT Budokai Tenkaichi 5 Download PSP download ISO

Hello guys I’m back with another new mod of another Dragon Ball Z game which Budokai Tenkaichi 5. This is latest mod of Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 5 For Android, it is the new latest released mod which contains all the characters of New DBZ Universe. The graphics in this mod is way much better than original Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 5 Mod ISO and you will also see new maps also added in the game.

Download ISO+MENU

How To Download And Install ISO + MENU

First of all download 
PSP emulator
from Playstore.
Then Download ISO file and Menu file. ( Link is given below )
Then Install PSP emulator and select ISO file in PSP emulator.
After open ISO in PSP Click back button of mobile.
Then go to Game setting / Tool / Developers tools and check ✓ on Save new texture and Uncheck Replace Texture.
Then play game just for a minute to create a file named texture.
Then exit and go to File Manager / PSP / Texture.
If the file format of menu is RAR and ZIP so you need to extract it.
After extract copy Menu folder [ ULUS10537 ] and Paste in PSP / Texture Folder.
Then open PSP emulator and long press on the iso. Then go to Game setting and select language America Latina. If  it's not already set.
Then play game and now you can see Menu is set.

Best PSP Settings for all Games
Actually this is my own PSP Setting which I am going to share with you all. I see that with this setting I can play any PSP games without any problem so I think to share it with you all so you all can also play any PSP emulator. Although if this setting failed to help you with your problems then Awe PSP is still a great option for you to check out. If you don't want to change your PSP then download my settings and simplu replace the PSP file.

How to Install Settings:

Download The settings, link is given Below
The name of the Folder is "SYSTEM"
Just Go to your PSP folder
Delete The "System" Folder
And Place this "System" folder there.

How to Set DBZ budokai tenkaichi 5 Save data PSP

Download This Save data
Delete your old *SAVE DATA* named file in your PSP folder
Put this New *Save Data* named file in your PSP folder.
Now play the game, Save data is settled.

How To Use PSP Settings And Save Data
So Friends, After download PSP Settings go to your file manager app and then go to PSP folder then delete your old System Folder and paste my System folder in your PSP folder.

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