The US is one of the top nations as far as application income. As of 

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In February 2019, 96% of the populace were cell phone clients and 81% of these individuals possessed a cell phone (Pew Research Center). In spite of the fact that 5G systems will be far-reaching, most endorsers

are on 4G utilizing pre-or post-paid (month-to-month charging).

In this post, we present a few hints for entering the USA's immense applications and games showcase.

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Launch in popular game and app categories


Mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar market in the US. With 200M gamers, it’s the second-biggest market globally in terms of consumer spend (App Annie).

The top game genres in the US cover a wide range of players, from casual to hardcore (App Annie):

Casino and Card such as card battles, slots, and poker

Strategy and Simulation such as player vs. p

layer (PvP) and battle royale

Casual such as match-3, bubble shooters, and idle-clicker

Action Adventures such as shooter, fighting, and MOBA

A number of different gaming trends can be observed in the US,                   each showing the level of diversity and innovation this market                      experiences:

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A growing appetite for playing and streaming Esports

Monetization diversification with developers experimenting with       combinations of ads, IAP, and subscriptions

Genre-mashing innovation, combining genres into a new kind of  hybrid game


App categories that typically perform best in the US include communication and social, web browser, utilities and tools, entertainment, and shopping. In 2018, the average US user spent almost 3 hours a day on mobile apps (Statistica).

While the US sees a consistently large number of installs per year, the market is mature and growth has slowed (App Annie). In this environment, Google Play Instant Apps can be an effective way to drive installs, conversion rates, engagement, and reach — and are proving successful across many categories, including travel/local, e-commerce, and media.

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Localize your pricing

Paid titles in the Google Play Store can be valued somewhere in the range of $0.99 and $400.00 (Play Console Help), yet are normally estimated somewhere in the range of $0.99 and $4.99. To make costs for paid games and in-application buys (IAPs) all the more speaking to buyers, costs are regularly set to .x9 pennies as opposed to a round number (for instance $2.99 as opposed to $3.00). In the model underneath, $1.00 is fine, however, $1.49 and $1.99 are all the more engaging clients:

Numerous applications and games in the US are allowed to download and play, however, offer in-application buys for clients to open premium substance or highlights.

Memberships are turning into a mainstream route for applications and games to enhance IAP income and drive maintenance. Think about a week by week, month-to-month, or yearly membership reestablishment for your title. Recollect that free preliminaries and promotion estimating can urge clients to investigate your membership offering and find what's directly for them.

The US has a wide scope of socioeconomics and salary levels, so consistently factor these in when valuing your IAP or membership. On the off chance that you just consider salaries in significant urban areas or utilize the national normal, you'll likely cost out numerous potential clients.

Forms of payment

A credit card is the preferred form of payment for US users, with debit cards, gift cards, carrier billing, and promo codes also available (WorldPay 2018 Global Payments Report).

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Optimize for a range of high end 

to lower-end devices

The US is the third biggest cell phone showcase on the planet (Mashable) with a wide scope of very good quality to bring down end gadgets. Many lower-end gadgets have 1GB or less of RAM, so intend to diminish your APK size: for each 6MB increment to APK size, engineers see a 1% decline in introducing transformation. Huge auxiliary downloads, for example, those for extension documents, can likewise prompt the early players to agitate, particularly in easygoing game kinds.


Designers can screen their applications' center Android vitals — crash rates, application not reacting (ANR) rates, over the top wakeups, and stuck wake secures — in the Google Play Console. Observing these vitals across various gadget levels can assist you with pinpointing any exhibition gives that may emerge so you can address them in an opportune way. Having poor Android vitals execution influences general application quality, which can prompt poor client appraisals on the Google Play Store and at last diminished discoverability.


The numerous US transporters furnish boundless information plans with information choking at a specific edge of information utilization. Nonetheless, you should at present attempt to limit information utilize at every possible opportunity.

Revise your language and tone

US customers are genuinely tolerating formal and easygoing tones, inasmuch as they're suitable to the application or game. All things considered, abstain from utilizing antiquated or irregular English words while deciphering. Be cautious with the interpretation of slang or informal expressions, as the importance will regularly be lost.


Additionally, ensure that you utilize American — as opposed to British — spelling, accentuation, valuing, date positions, estimations, wording, and the same. When taking a shot at applications or games for use in the two markets, utilize the fitting variant of English for each or utilize American English. For word-based riddle games, for example, crosswords or word look, you should utilize a suitable variant of English.

While interpreting your application's title and Google Play store posting into American English, don't utilize direct machine interpretations. While they can give potential clients a wide setting, their utilization may likewise flag that the remainder of your application or game hasn't been deciphered well. On the off chance that your application's name won't bode well when interpreted or you would prefer not to make an interpretation of it, add a caption to help clarify what it offers.

For instance, the engineers of Dil Mil, which signifies 'Hearts Meet' in Hindi, decided to add a caption to clarify their application's motivation.

Adapt to cultural and local nuances

America’s multicultural makeup and prolific internet use mean people are relatively accepting of content from other countries, such as Japanese RPGs, foreign films and animation, and South Korean K-pop music.

Although English is the primary language in the US, supporting Spanish localization in addition to American English could offer significant opportunities, given the US now has the world’s second-largest Spanish-speaking population (The Week).

Inclusion and cultural diversity are also important marketing considerations. Diversity in the US means that Oktoberfest, Lunar New Year, Diwali, Pride Parade, Women’s March, and the Islamic New Year are all significant US cultural holidays and events. Make your title more engaging by integrating these seasonal events into your market mix.

As seen below, Best Fiends used imagery to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Many app and game developers also piggyback promotions on the big seasonal shopping holidays in the US. For example, Black Friday — the day after Thanksgiving — is the busiest shopping day of the year, followed by Cyber Monday. Consumers expect to see sales around Labor Day and Memorial Day too, so offering deals at these times could be a good option.

Modify your user acquisition strategy

Google Play Store: If your title has not launched, consider releasing it as an open beta and applying for the Early Access program in the Play Store. This program makes it easier to acquire beta testers and receive useful feedback before launching.

Online: Google Play Instant helps you provide an interactive demo of titles anywhere you want to share the link — across social media channels, the Google Play Store, and Google Search.

Influencers on social media and video streaming services are often paid by brands to promote their products or services — and could help you do the same.

Given that TV ads are often too expensive for most app developers, you should consider using mobile ads. These now account for about 40% of digital ad spending, and will soon surpass desktop ad spend (eMarketer).

Final thoughts

The assorted variety in the US populace makes this market open to a wide assortment of applications and games, offering chances to titles that may somehow or another be specialty outside their home market. Be that as it may, care should, in any case, be taken in interpreting both application and game substance, titles, and Google Play postings to extend a picture of value and secure download.

The US is the world's second-biggest market for passage-level cell phones. This implies a significant number of the procedures for tending to develop markets are similarly applicable in the US: diminishing APK size, limiting information use, and the same. Correspondingly, with regards to valuing, don't expect that your intended interest group will fundamentally endure higher estimating than somewhere else on the planet.

Maybe the greatest test with the US advertise is its development, making it harder for any new title to discover clients. Utilizing methods, for example, conveying a moment application or game, giving clients a prompt encounter of your title, can help drive downloads. Computerized promoting may likewise be helpful, just like the utilization of web-based life influencers.

While it might be trying to enter, the US showcase is one that can offer critical prizes. Most importantly, application and game quality are basic to progress as customers will rapidly jettison low-quality contributions.

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