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Marvel Super Hero Squad ppsspp game from Mediafire 

Download Marvel Super Hero Squad for Android ppsspp

Marvel Super Hero Squad is a video game developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, Media,[1] and Halfbrick[1] and published by THQ. It was released on October 20, 2009 for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, and Wii devices. The game features highly distorted cartoon versions of superhero characters from Marvel Comics, as seen in Hasbro's Marvel Super Hero Squad game collection, as well as TV show Film Roman and Marvel Animation for Cartoon Network.

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Download Marvel Super Hero Squad for PPSSPP Emulator for Android from Mediafire

Marvel Super Hero Squad is divided into two parts: adventure mode and battle mode. In Adventure Mode, there are 6 classes for each hero: Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Wolverine, Falcon and Thor. In the character selection, the level players play, there is the main character, then the player chooses his superhero, and he has a large number of choices. In each level, they have to defeat a wave of enemies and achieve their goal (Mrs. Marvel tells them what to do). If it is the boss level, it is similar to the battle mode although what the player must do is to either score 5 points, 7 points, or 10 points in order to defeat him. Battle mode is a free fighting mode for everyone. The player creates a new profile, then they have two options: Versus Mode or Squad Mode. If it's Versus Mode, they choose their character they want to play as if it's Squad mode, player 1 chooses two characters and player 2 chooses the other two. Then in the options section, the player chooses how many points he can score in battle: 5 or 10 or more.Then they go and play the battle.Once they are done, they can play again with different characters or go back to the main menu.

Features of Marvel Super Hero Squad ppsspp game for Android

Soldiers covering the infinity fractal. Doctor Doom plans to acquire the Infinity Fractal so that he can make an Infinity Melder (a small version of the Infinity Sword). Then the Super Hero Squad intervenes and breaks the fractal into pieces and a large part of it gets stuck in MODOK's front. Iron Man tells the Super Hero Squad to find all six missing pieces of the fractal. Dr. Doom says he can't let these superheroes get the fractals first. Iron Man introduces the team to a new invention called: the Stark Shard Locator and Monitor (SSLAM for short). So the team got to work and found 6 missing fractal pieces.

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When they collect all six missing fractal pieces, the mayor of the superhero city congratulates them on their heroism. Civilians cheer for them and then the mayor unveils amazing superhero artwork. Then Dr. Dom stands in one of them. Iron Man says he's the real Dr. Dom. People shout. Dr. Doom shocks the superheroes and then unleashes his secret army (the Modokbots). Dr. Dom blames Modoc. The team is put on Stark Industries Mind Control Nullifying Belt Buckles and they have to defeat all the Modokbots. Once they finish defeating Dr. Doom with the Infinity Sword, he is defeated and Mrs. Marvel takes him by helicopter. Iron Man congratulates the superheroes for their hard work.

additional information :

Name: Marvel Super Hero Squad

Game genre: action-adventure

Game size: 1200mb

Supported devices: PSP, ppsspp emu

File Format: iso psp

Download: Marvel Super Hero Squad PSP Game


How to install: Marvel Super Hero Squad PSP

  1. Download the game file
  2. Then decompress
  3. Move the psp file to the main memory of the phone
  4. Then go to the psp emulator and search for the iso file
  5. Then enjoy the best adventure and action game for Android psp

Marvel Super Hero Squad PSP game for Android from Mediafire

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